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How long can child custody battles last?

President JJ asked:

A friend of mine is stuck in a very nasty custody battle. While if she were in a more liberal state the issue may have been resolved seeing as her ex is somewhat unfit. Unfortunately she isn’t and the ex is going through great lengths to win. The child will be a year in several months and this has been going on for about 6 months already how much longer can this battle last in court.
This all is happening out of state. Would it be possible for her to leave the state this is happening even temporarily without facing kidnapping charges. If so for how long.

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  1. divot says:

    Depends on the state. In most states, 18 years. In Mississippi, 21 years.

  2. goz1111 says:

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    In reality it will only end when the child reaches the age of majority, for even once you have an order established it does not mean each bio-parent is going to follow the order to a T, thereby causing a party to return back to family law court to enforce a provision, or maybe modify it depending on the facts as the child ages

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