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Child Custody of children to a father but never been married?

tatoogirl2008 asked:

What rights does a father have if the mother of a child(ren) did illegal drugs and the children were taken away. Then a court order gave the children to the father and the mother could have no contact unless the father was present, and she has no custody, but this was only for 2 months. There was no child support filed and the only thing that proves he cares for them is the cps paper saying he is the sole caregiver for the 2 children. What can he do to take full custody of the children?

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  1. DeStiNyMoMmy6 says:

    It sounds like he does have full custody, If not, Go to the courts and file for full custody and then go file for child support. Best of luck!

  2. Donna L says:

    get an attorney fast,if the mother has been in jail for the drugs that would help his case also. The fact that he is and has provided for their home and needs without her help is also in his favor.

  3. SmartyPants says:

    Get a lawyer and go to court. This should be pretty easy since he was already awarded full custody (even if it was temporary) by the courts.

    If the mom chooses drugs over her children, then she really doesn’t deserve to have the children anyway…don’t you agree?

  4. Sabrina K says:

    Sounds like you need to file for full custody and go to court. I would definitely get a lawyer. Good luck!!

  5. baby says:

    In order to be an official custodial parent of the children he needs to go to court and request a paternity test. If the results are clear that the children are his, He can then be the official custodial parent due to the fact that the children were taken away from the mother that is if he does not have a criminal record of any sort. He will be able to take his children from where they are living and then the mother needs to pay child support. Good Luck.

  6. Cheryl says:

    Mother on Public Assistance and Section 8 housing Mother not married , Mother kicks Father out for stealing ebt card. Father keeps 1 year old son refuses to give him back. both get into domestic dispute at mothers home father has mother arrested, charges are dropped. Father gets restraining order
    on the strength of CPS threatening to take child if he did not.
    Restraining order dropped, Stipulation and order on order to show cause agreement entered in. As Follows:Both Parents shall share joint custody,father shall retain custody,mother shall have reasonable visitation with minor child at mutually agreed upon times and places.
    Father refuses to offer reasonable visitation and is deliberately preventing and alienating mother.Mother submitted visitation violation on four occasions to DA S’ office online and is prepared to fight for custody. Father said he went back to court and there is an upcoming date on June 17th.Mother is stable and works part time father lives with parents and is unemployed. Mother has also child of 12 that is baby s’ half sister what will most likely be the outcome of this case?

  7. concerned grandma says:

    i’m a grandma that has my grandson now for a few months my daughter cannot find employment and has been staying with friends i agreed to help her with her son. My daughter is seeking child support from father that does not want to pay and is now attempting to go for full custody he has seen him maybe 2 months in 3 years and has kicked my daughter out before during and after pergnancy what rights do i have to keep grandson with me? this man is dangerous and has a criminal record and has had numerous domestic disputes with my daughter including spitting on her when she was pregnant. hes a bad mentor for this child and i need help to piont me in the right direction.

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