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How To Find A Qualified Attorney

December 22nd, 2009

Hire a lawyer who knows custody and who you can afford.

If there is one thing I have learned in the past 40 years of business, it’s you should never be your own lawyer. We should realize that court rules are complex, state specific, and filled with pitfalls for the unwary. Then there is the laws of custody.

An good attorney will tell you that nothing warms their heart more than an unrepresented party. It is like being a pro baseball player and going up to bat with the local 12 year old little league team. You can pretty much expect to knock the ball out of the park.

Now I know someone reading this is convinced that they can represent themselves. The problem is, even if you have figured out enough law and procedure, you’ll never be able to decouple yourself emotionally from the fight. Do you want a surgeon that gets angry, sad, or depressed while he operates on your body? A good lawyer is not emotionally attached to your situation, and can help you better understand what is possible and realistic. This doesn’t mean they have to be cold or unsympathetic, but it does mean they must and can maintain a professional detachment.

As for cost, it varies widely. A good lawyer is rarely free, but costs can vary greatly. In fact most people don’t know what to pay for an attorney, and so they assume what they pay is normal. It might or might not be. A highly experienced attorney with years of practice might charge a lot more for a particular case, but might not be able to be any more successful than a novice attorney, if the facts and law are very certain in a case.

You should also stay in budget. If you overpay for your resources, you might not be able to sustain the custody litigation. You don’t want to burn all of your legal war chest to quickly, so be careful about spending too much too soon. You might be able to afford the high priced attorney for a short case, but what if it drags on?

If you are considering an attorney make sure you check with Martindale Hubble, This firm rates attorney’s so you can understand the quality of the firm you hire. In times like today, having an attorney represent you increases the odds of having your rights exercised 100 fold.

How do I go about getting child custody transferred?

August 3rd, 2009
WhiteRye asked:

My ex is having my child and we decided it would be best if we didn’t get married. We discussed what we’re going to do and we decided that it would be best if I had custody of our child since I have a good paying job and I could give her everything she needs.
The thing is we both have no idea where to start to transfer custody from her to me since we were never married. How soon does it have to get done? What has to be done? And how long does it usually take?
The child will be born in Wisconsin by the way, I don’t know if that changes anything.

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How do you file for child custody without an attorney in Broward County, FL?

July 27th, 2009
Lina Q asked:

I need to file these papers as soon as possible. Also, my baby’s father and I are not married. Also, do I need to wait for the child custody hearing to then file for child support. I am looking for full custody.

Child Custody of children to a father but never been married?

May 15th, 2009
tatoogirl2008 asked:

What rights does a father have if the mother of a child(ren) did illegal drugs and the children were taken away. Then a court order gave the children to the father and the mother could have no contact unless the father was present, and she has no custody, but this was only for 2 months. There was no child support filed and the only thing that proves he cares for them is the cps paper saying he is the sole caregiver for the 2 children. What can he do to take full custody of the children?

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Child Custody?

December 7th, 2008
Dylansmom asked:

My husband and I live in FL. and we gained custody of my husband’s 3 children from a previous marriage, due to the mother putting them around a man who was a potential danger to them. They have lived with us for well over a year now and my husband and I have a child together as well. My husband is in the military and he recently received orders for us to move to Japan. The mother can take us back to court now and try to regain custody of the children due to them move. The mother lives in GA. and only has visitation with them, my husband has full custody. Will the courts split up my family? They have lived with their half brother since he was 3 months old. Does this play a factor in the judge’s decision for maybe not changing custody again back to her? Please do not respond, go to the JAG office on the base. The JAG office mainly just gives out information on Wills, etc. and we have been down that road already. Please help.

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How to transfer child custody without a lawyer?

August 18th, 2008
Heather B asked:

My mother-in-law is giving my husbands, sister’s kids back to her. She needs to know How to transfer child custody without a lawyer?

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How much would it cost for an Attorney to write a child custody order?

June 19th, 2008
None asked:

I found a lawyer that charges $250 an hour to handle my child custody issue. I am curious about what a lawyer charges just to complete a child custody order. Does a lawyer based the fee on the number of hours it takes to complete an child custody order?

How do I obtain full child custody in missouri if the father is completely willing to sign over his rights?

May 5th, 2008
Jessica asked:

I am the mother of a newborn. The father wants nothing to do with the baby and I am not requesting any child support or anything from him. Do I need to go to court to obtain full custody or can he just sign forms over since he’s completely willing?

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How long can child custody battles last?

April 23rd, 2008
President JJ asked:

A friend of mine is stuck in a very nasty custody battle. While if she were in a more liberal state the issue may have been resolved seeing as her ex is somewhat unfit. Unfortunately she isn’t and the ex is going through great lengths to win. The child will be a year in several months and this has been going on for about 6 months already how much longer can this battle last in court.
This all is happening out of state. Would it be possible for her to leave the state this is happening even temporarily without facing kidnapping charges. If so for how long.

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Father wants custody of child living with grandparent?

March 31st, 2008
Jamie Lynn asked:

My fiance’s brother wants to gain custody of his daughter who is living with the mother’s mother. The mother signed over her rights to her mother, but the father never signed anything. Does this give the grandmother full rights to the child or is the father able to take custody of his daughter? Currently the grandmother is trying to limit his visitation, is this legal of her? She works at a law firm and is using her job to take advantage of his ignorance to child custody laws.

They have not been to court for this or filed for legal custody. The grandmother has filed for child support though and was granted it from both the mother and the father.

They live in the state of Maryland.
Warenjudew – can you supply sources for me to read that say that if the grandmother has claimed child support that it automatically gives her court awarded custody? Even if the father is not absent and sees his daughter regularly.