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Don’t Assume That Because You Are “Right” That You Will Win Your Case.


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Why seek legal aid? Why not just handle it yourself?

The first thing you should understand is that you’re not the first person to experience a divorce. You’re not the first child support case. You are certainly not the first grandparents to fight for visitation rights.

Due to past legal cases, rules and laws have been put in place to handle just these situations. The person (or attorney) that understands these rules and how they apply to situation will have the best chance of success.

You can’t assume that just because you are “right,” that you will win.

Too many people have felt that they would absolutely win their case. They sincerely believed that if they were just able to tell their side of the story, anyone would side with them.

They thought through the entire story of their relationship, all the wrongs that the other person has committed, all the violations and name-calling. If others only knew what that person was like – they would absolutely win.

Unfortunately, this is a familiar story… and one that is often disappointing.

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